Phytofeed- Nutrition & Husbandry of Livestock Ltd. was founded by Yossi Lidsky, an animal nutritionist (M.Sc. University of Jerusalem) specializing in nutrition of young animals.

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The company was founded at 1992 and has been growing since in two directions:
The first is production and export of the Pecto Products and the second is importation of feed additives and hygiene products for the livestock, poultry and equine industries in Israel.
The line of Pecto Products is a range of complementary feeds for suckling calves, lambs, kids and piglets, designated to assist in the health management of young ruminants (pre weaned animals).
Pecto Products will prevent diarrhea in young ruminants and will assist in the treatment of effected ones.
The Pecto Products are all manufactured  in Germany by Miavit Gmbh. under a GMP+ certification.

All our products comply with EU registration and contain only permitted feeds and permitted additives.
Pecto products are being used with success in many countries, treating millions of calves per year.


Nutrition & Husbandry of Livestock Ltd