Besides our export activity of the Pecto-Products, we are proud to be the sole distributor of some of the industry’s
leading companies worldwide. Among our suppliers you will find-

Phytosynthese, France. Advanced phytogenic products for animals.
Cid Lines, Belgium. Innovative Hygiene Solutions- Manufacturers of world leading hygiene products.
Serval , France. Well-being and perfomance in animal feeds.
ITPSA, Spain. Manufacturer of supplements for animal feeds.
Liptosa, Spain. Animal nutrition specialists.
Miavit, Germany. Premix and specialty products producer.
SilvaTeam, Italy. World leader in production of tannins.
New Born Animal Care , France. Nutriceutical for newborn animals.
TRM, Ireland. Excellence in Equine nutrition.
Bucas, Ireland. Horse rugs, The  intelligent choice.
British Horse Feeds, UK.
Equusline, Spain. Horse feeds.


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